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The Livindigo Business

The way we connect to health and beauty professionals has changed forever. In the rapidly evolving online transactional environment new methods of connecting people to businesses and businesses to people are emerging almost daily. Livindigo will revolutionise the way people approach their health and beauty needs. In our "time poor" world we want quick options, authentic referrals and geographically desirable options for goods and services. The experienced team at Livindigo have created both a system and an online platform for consumers to discover, choose and connect with health and beauty businesses in real time. This allows for faster more authentic ways for people to book an appointment with a health and beauty professional near to their home or workplace. Whether it's hair, body, hands or face, Livindigo can find not only the best place in the right time but also the best price in the market.

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The Consumer Perspective

Do you remember when you used to contact a travel agent to book a flight? Do you recall waiting on the phone to book a taxi? The way we, as consumers, transact with businesses is rapidly changing. It is becoming increasingly easier to find a product or service online in an instant wherever we are. No longer do we need to go to the travel agent or wait online for the taxi company. We can simply log on to the many different travel or ride share websites to search, compare, decide and book the travel that we need. We can access services in an instant. Now we can discover, choose and connect with health and beauty professionals from our computers or smartphones. Livindigo is a new platform created in Sydney that connects us to a multitude of health and beauty services in an instant. By logging on we can see which businesses can provide what we need at at time and price that fits our calendar and our budget. Here is how it works. Rather than phoning around looking for an appointment or asking friends for their recommendations for a stylist, we can now log on to Livindigo and find a nearby salon in an instant. We can see how previous clients have rated both the salon and the stylist and we can browse available appointments. We can also take advantage of many special offers. Once we have made a qualified choice, We can book and pay for appointments instantly. It's a very refreshing and easy way to connect saving us both time and money.

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The Business Partner Perspective

One of the the biggest challenges for health and beauty businesses is keeping their appointment books full.The peaks and troughs of consumer demand mean that quality bookings are turned away at busy times and appointment books remain empty at quieter times. Now there is a way to change that forever. Livindigo is a new website and smartphone application that facilitates connections for health and beauty operators with consumers in real time. Never has it been easier for small or larger businesses to promote not only their services but also open their calendar online to people who need a service or treatment. By being part of the Livindigo community, businesses can keep their appointment books full by actively engaging in promotional activities in real time. Thousands of potential clients can discover, choose and connect with a particular business at a time that suits not only them, but also the business they chose.

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